Anson Parker discusses the innovative journey of Up’s products


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Episode Summary:

In this episode of Fintechfun, Chris Titley chats with Anson Parker, the Chief Product Officer at Up, about his journey in the fintech industry and the evolution of Up as a leading digital banking platform. From the early days of conceptualizing a new kind of banking experience to the current focus on innovative features like “pull to save” and the upcoming subscription offering “Up High,” Anson shares insights on how Up is redefining the future of banking.

Key Themes Discussed

  • Anson’s background in software development and the founding of Up.
  • The importance of user feedback and balancing creativity in product development.
  • The introduction of unique features like “pull to save” and “Maybuy” to enhance the banking experience.
  • The upcoming subscription offering “Up High” and its potential to revolutionize banking fees and customer benefits.

Key Takeaways

  • Anson’s journey from software development to reimagining the banking industry with Up.
  • The focus on user-centric product development and the balance between innovation and customer feedback.
  • The impact of features like “pull to save” and “Maybuy” in creating engaging and personalized banking experiences.
  • The introduction of the subscription offering “Up High” as a new way to provide additional value and benefits to customers.
  • The importance of transparency, collaboration, and customer engagement in shaping the future of banking.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “The experience is the product. It’s not about the financial products, it’s about what those do for people and how they relate to them.” – Anson Parker
  2. “Can we make something compelling enough that customers choose to pay for it? It’s effectively flipping the idea of bank fees on its head.” – Anson Parker


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