Lauren & Cara from Your Food Collective

Dec 12, 2019 | Female Founders, Founder, Hunter Central Coast, New South Wales, Newcastle, Podcasts

Justin Hales ★★★★★

Great new behind the scenes podcast about people building cool stuff. (See more reviews)

Richard C ★★★★★

Adam's considered and respectful approach to interviewing startup founders captures their authentic stories, warts and all. It provides a fantastic insight into the challenges that entrepreneurs encounter as well as celebrating their wins. (See more reviews)

Paul Towers ★★★★★

Excellent podcast on fast-growing startups!
Welcome to day one is a top-notch podcast looking at new and fast-growing startups. I’d say it is a combination of Startup by Gimlet Media and This Week In Startups. Adam expertly crafts a narrative based story around his interviews with the founders to create a compelling piece of content that is worthy of your time and attention. I’d highly recommend it!!!! (See more reviews)

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