You support startups, this is another way you can support the startup ecosystem very cost-effectively. Throw your support behind an important series documenting a pivotal moment in Australian business history

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Get your startup in front of thousands of eyeballs from the Australian startup community as well as supporting a good cause

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Have your brand listed among our other supporters on the supporter’s page and your support shown in the newsletter that goes out to a growing list of hundreds of people in the Australian startup community with every new episode released and in podcast episodes of which we are doing over 300 for this series.


As part of the 300 interviews and the documentary that we are producing at the moment, we have partnered with Startup Daily to help promote the series. 

To learn more about the series click here.

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A standard sponsor slot is thousands of dollars and a major sponsor is tens of thousands. Becoming a patron and getting behind this important documentation of startup history gets you a lot of similar benefits in terms of exposure for a fraction of the investment. 

Or maybe none of that is important to you, and you want to just put your support behind an important story for the startup community. 

Jump on board as a supporter for just $75AUD a month.