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Welcome to Unfunded, a show dedicated to telling the stories of founders who build impactful and independent businesses without relying on venture capital or external funding. Hosted by Joan Westenberg, a seasoned journalist and tech writer with over a decade of experience, the podcast delves into the human stories behind tech, economics, and business.

Unfunded celebrates the DIY ethos and the determination of founders who launch and grow their businesses on their own terms. Each episode features interviews with successful founders who share their journeys of navigating startup growth, creating innovative products, finding target customers, and achieving profitability without external funding.

As part of Day One, the podcast network that highlights real startup stories, Unfunded aims to inspire founders, operators, and investors. Tune in to learn how to build a self-funded company and gain insights from those who have successfully forged their own paths.

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Unfunded is part of Day One, the podcast network dedicated to founders, operators & investors.

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