Revolutionizing Carbon Capture: Raj Bagri and DIEGEN’s Game-Changing Technology for Diesel Generators

Jun 16, 2023

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Raj Bagri is the founder of DIEGEN, an Australian company that has developed novel carbon capture and storage technology. Their world-first technology, which they plan to launch in 2023, can be retrofitted to a diesel generator and capture CO2 emissions before they are emitted into the atmosphere. Unlike other carbon capture technologies, which generally are expensive and require the use of hazardous materials to store the carbon underground, DIEGEN’s technology stores the CO2 in the world’s first plant-based liquid solvent, which is non-toxic and safe to handle. This makes the technology uniquely suited to be deployed to the 87 million diesel generators used worldwide. 

In this episode, Raj discusses how settling on the focus on diesel generators helped solidify the company’s direction and how valuable being part of a climate tech community has been for her founder journey.

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DIEGEN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/diegen1/

Raj on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raj-bagri-34b27395/

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