Growing Solutions: Empowering Farmers and Scaling Climate Tech with Anastasia, Founder of Regrow

Jun 16, 2023

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Uncover the compelling story of a global citizen’s quest to tackle the climate crisis, as she empowers farming communities around the world and drives the expansion of climate solutions through pioneering technology and collaborative partnerships.

In this captivating podcast episode, Anastasia, founder of Regrow, delves into her remarkable journey and valuable perspectives on empowering farmers and scaling climate solutions. The discussion emphasizes the significance of customized approaches for diverse regions and the integration of digital technologies in agriculture.

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Regrow Ag: https://www.regrow.ag/

Key Moments

00:00 Introduction: In this episode, Anastasia, the founder of Regrow, discusses her journey and shares insights into empowering farmers and expanding climate solutions in Australia’s climate tech landscape.

03:27 Tailored Solutions for Diverse Regions: Anastasia stresses the importance of bespoke solutions for farmers in different regions, with a focus on understanding their unique challenges and conditions.

08:13 The Role of Non-Profit Sectors: The conversation brings to light the vital role non-profit sectors play in supporting the uptake of digital technologies in agriculture, acting as a catalyst for sustainable farming practices.

12:22 Female Breadwinners and Global Food Pathways: Anastasia acknowledges the pivotal role of female farmers as breadwinners and their part in bolstering global food pathways through technology-driven solutions.

13:46 Capitalising on Economies of Scale and Partnerships: The discussion examines the benefits of capitalising on economies of scale and forging partnerships with global organisations to broaden the reach of climate tech solutions.

14:08 Applying Space Tech Knowledge for Climate Action: Anastasia talks about her background in space tech and explains how satellite data can be utilised in agricultural practices for climate action.

16:42 Making Complex Data Actionable: The challenge of processing intricate data and making it actionable for farmers is explored, underlining the need for practical insights and scenario-based guidance.

18:37 Carbon Sequestration and Regenerative Agriculture: Anastasia clarifies the concept of carbon sequestration and underscores the significance of regenerative practices in creating resilient farming systems.

21:58 Global Adoption and Scalability: The discussion delves into the worldwide adoption of climate tech solutions and the scalability of Regrow’s offerings through partnerships and government support.

33:49 Encouragement for Climate Entrepreneurs: Anastasia offers advice to climate entrepreneurs, encouraging them to attract top talent and highlighting the varied skill sets required in climate tech companies.

35:42 Finding Hope in Climate Solutions: The episode wraps up with a reflection on the hope sparked by climate solutions and the potential for positive change in addressing the climate crisis.

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