Hiring and structuring sales teams with Will Bosma

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3 quick tips from Will: 

1) Structure your sales teams into vertical territories instead of geographical. Each vertical has its own jargon and if you’re a salesperson who’s trained on a particular vertical, you’ll be better placed to have intelligent conversations with your prospects. 

2) Don’t make Customer Success responsible for renewals because this can compromise the role. The CS rep gets focused on the commission, and the customer gets confused about who manages the financial relationships.

3) The first rule of hiring salespeople: the best indicator of future success is past success. This is relatively easy to judge for salespeople – has the salesperson consistently made or exceeded their targets? This is a numbers driven exercise. Great salespeople can tell you what their numbers have been to the dollar.


00:00 – 7:27: All about Will and Mulesoft 

7:28 – 17:12: How to structure a sales team for a SaaS company

17:13 – 24:15: Future of sales, enterprise selling and challenger sales model

24:16 – 32:00: Sales structure, timing and metrics for startup founders 

32:00 – 36:50: How to hire salespeople and what to look for

36:50 – 41:30: What can you do to incentivise people to apply for your role

41:30 – 48”00: How do you onboard and train staff effectively in the wfh culture

48:00 – 49:00: Wrap-up

Here’s how to get in touch with Will Bosma:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/willbosma1 

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