How AI is transforming the world of sales with Shruti Kapoor

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Here are three ways generative AI is able to empower Account Executives and the broader teams within the company: 

1) New generative AI tools are perfect for Account Executives to leverage the opportunity to learn from their peers and foster a collaborative environment within the company.

2) When AEs are torn between giving their full attention to their customers during meetings and taking notes. With generative AI tools, AEs are now able to give their full attention to the customer and run thorough discoveries, with the AI tools taking care of the heavy administrative lifting. 

3) Further to fostering a collaborative environment, generative AI tools are able to provide summarise of the sales conversations the teams are having to the broader team to improve the sales performance of the other AEs and ADRs. 


00:00 – Intro to Shruti, Wingman and Clari

08:40 – The impact of having alignment between product, sales, marketing, and all other departments within the company

11:00 – When new generative AI tech is introduced into an organisation, what is the response from AEs and how does that improve their performance?

20:20 – How sophisticated will AI get into the future and what capabilities will companies have with these tools

33:00 – What generative AI will hold for future job opportunities

27:00 – How sales team structures will change in the future due to AI

29:00 – How sales people can stay relevant in this new world of AI and sales tech

Here’s how to get in touch with Shruti Kapoor: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/shrutikapoor/

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