How to sell complex products with John (JD) Dean

Teaching Startups To Fish

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Three key reasons why startups have long sales cycles:

1) You’re talking about your product far too much

2) You don’t understand the risk to the organisation

3) You don’t understand all of the key parts of how an infrequent buyer makes a buying decision


00:00 – 3:25: JD’s history and the impact he has made so far with Sales Director Central

3:26 – 10:40: Biggest mistakes founders make when scaling from $0-$1M

10:41 – 18:20: When to hire salespeople and how to get customer buy-in for you to help them write the internal business case

18:21 – 23:30: How to align your sales process with your customer’s buying cycle and how not to use templates

23:30 – 34:05: How to have run thorough discovery and have impactful conversations with customers

34:06 – 39:59: How do you build rapport with customers

40:00 – 45:45: How to find your champion

45:46 – 51:00: How the world of sales is going to look in the future

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jdthekatalyst/ 

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