Cold calling with Alex Rorris from K2X

Teaching Startups To Fish


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3 quick tips for cold calls from Alex:

1) Energy, tonality and confidence are super important when calling people you don’t know.

2) Get to the point. Be direct about the intention of your call. The modern attention span is shrinking, fluff less and you will get much better engagement

3) Understand the client’s objection before trying to overcome it. Ask questions before offering a solution. Information is ammunition.

Time Stamps

00:15 – 3:16: Introduction to Alex and background

3:16 – 6:49: Background on the Real Estate industry and how prospecting is handled within

6:49 – 10:02: Does cold calling work and why? 

10:02 – 14:30: How do you prepare for a phone call and what goes into it

14:30 – Script examples, questions, how to run cold calls, etc.

Here’s how to get in touch with Alex Rorris from K2X:

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alex-rorris-895a4310a 

Website: https://k2x.com.au

Instagram: @K2X_leads

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