The Art of Balanced Passion with Yaniv Bernstein

Founders Fortitude


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In this episode of Founders Fortitude, Yaniv Bernstein opens up about the challenges of not meeting growth targets for several months in a row. The emotional toll of standing in front of his team and admitting to these shortcomings was a low point. However, Yaniv shares his unique philosophy of “Caring a lot, but not too much,” which helped him and his team recalibrate and eventually start hitting their targets again.

Key Takeaways

  • The emotional weight of consistently missing growth targets can be demoralizing.
  • Transparency within the team is crucial, even when the news isn’t good.
  • The philosophy of “Caring a lot, but not too much” can help maintain a balanced perspective.
  • Viewing setbacks as intellectual puzzles to solve can prevent emotional burnout.

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