Navigating Crossroads with Carrie Kwan: The Power of Pause in Tough Times

Founders Fortitude

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In this enlightening episode of Founders Fortitude, we talk with Carrie Kwan, who takes us into a vulnerable time four years into her startup journey. Struggling with the pressures of a small team and the economic toll of a post-COVID world, Carrie shares how she faced the possibility of shutting down her business. With the weight of a crucial board meeting ahead, she opens up about the struggle to decide between quitting and persevering.

The Guest

Carrie Kwan is a two-time entrepreneur, the Co-Founder and Executive Manager of Mums & Co. She is deeply passionate about empowering women to realise success in their business and entrepreneurial wellbeing. She advocates for more investment in women-led ventures, is host to Be MPowered – an annual, national business conference now in its fifth year being held Thursday 26th October and in prior years pitch competition to champion more women leaders in business, close the gap in pitching knowledge, as well as reduce the challenges with funding a business.

In 2016, backed by IAG, Australia’s largest general insurer, Carrie co-founded Mums & Co to help women in business grow, with a mission to create Australia’s most caring business network empowering members with a digital subscription that provides access to business guidance, deep networks and resources. In July 2023 Mums & Co was acquired by IAG.

Key Takeaways

  • Be MPowered – an annual, national business conference is being held Thursday 26th October.
  • The importance of recognizing when you’re stressed and need to pause rather than quit.
  • Having a confidant or “wing woman” can help you get through challenging times.
  • Independent strategic advice can be a game-changer, so consider creating a personal advisory board.
  • Proper preparation can turn the tide in critical business decisions like board meetings.

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