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This special bonus episode was recorded live at Fishburners as part of the Spark Festival in October 2022, to celebrate the launch of The History of the Australian Startup Ecosystem documentary. The event included a panel of eight guests, each representing a different corner of the startup ecosystem:

 – Malcolm Turnbull, former Prime Minister

 – Michelle Deaker, Founding Partner of OneVentures 

 – Larry Marshall, CEO of CSIRO 

 – Marina Wu, Co-founder of Earlywork 

 – Niki Scevak, Co-founder of Blackbird

 – Cheryl Mack, CEO of Aussie Angels 

 – Preethi Mohan, Founder of Niceto 

 – Alan Jones, General Partner at M8 Ventures

 – Panel host: Simon Thomsen, editor of Startup Daily

The episode also includes a short panel with members of the Day One.FM team, Adam Spencer, Andy Jones and William Tjo, in which they discuss the creation of the documentary. 

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