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Opening the door on early stage investing

Uncover the inner workings of early stage investing and gain practical knowledge from seasoned successful investors. Learn about their perspectives, decision-making approaches, and the valuable lessons they’ve acquired throughout their journeys.

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The Hosts

Hosted by seasoned early stage investors Cheryl Mack & Maxine Minter, and proudly presented by Day One, the podcast network dedicated to founders, investors, and operators. Tune in for an enriching experience as we uncover the secrets to becoming a skilled early-stage investor.

The Guests

The First Cheque podcast speaks to Australia and the worlds leading early stage investors. 


The Audience

Over 1000 listeners per month, and 25,000 brand impressions across social media. 

Cheryl & Maxine’s audience is a mix of founders & investors over 3 countries.

The majority of the audience is based in Australia and with approx. 10% in the U.S. and 7% in Canada.

In Australia the host’s audiences are primarily on the east coast in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and at least 60% are between 18 and 34.

Most of the audience identifies as a founder or co-founder with approx. 10-14% identifying as an investor.

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Audience is in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane


Audience who identify as founders


Audience who identify as investors

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