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Opening the door on early stage investing

Uncover the inner workings of early stage investing and gain practical knowledge from seasoned successful investors. Learn about their perspectives, decision-making approaches, and the valuable lessons they’ve acquired throughout their journeys.

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The Hosts

Hosted by seasoned early stage investors Cheryl Mack & Maxine Minter, and proudly presented by Day One, the podcast network dedicated to founders, investors, and operators. Tune in for an enriching experience as we uncover the secrets to becoming a skilled early-stage investor.

The Guests

The First Cheque podcast speaks to Australia and the worlds leading early stage investors. 


The Audience

Cheryl & Maxine’s audience is a mix of founders & investors over 3 countries.

The majority of the audience is based in Australia and with approx. 10% in the U.S. and 7% in Canada. 

In Australia the host’s audiences are primarily on the east coast in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne and at least 60% are between 18 and 34. 

Most of the audience identifies as a founder or co-founder with approx. 10-14% identifying as an investor.

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Audience is in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane


Audience who identify as founders


Audience who identify as investors