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Meet Pawel Jarecki.

Since I’ve moved to Newcastle I’ve been brought back to life. Before that I was creatively dead. The Sydney environment wears you down. People work quite hard just to get the bills paid, and then I came up here and I hardly met anyone with a full time job, everyone’s working part time and then spending the rest of their time working on their passion.

I lived in a rural area outside of Sydney until my early 20s and then moved to the city and started a career in television. I started as a runner and worked my way up to production and directing. I worked for MTV and Nickelodeon and then moved on to freelance. A few years ago some guys and I made a documentary series which we sold to SBS and Netflix. They funded another series, but I got so burnt out by the end of it. I travelled around a bit, took some time off. I learnt some new skills as well; I studied carpentry and joinery and Chinese medicine. Then I was back in Sydney and a friend gave me a call encouraging me to move here and I did. I just thought it would be a standard white surfey town; I didn’t realise there was community vibes with so many musicians and artists. I ended up living with a bunch of creatives like Kristen Sanderson, Mel O’Dell, Caitlin O’Reilly and Tim Evans.

I’ve gotten over my burnout and now I’m fresh into starting up my creative agency called Human Again. To make sure I don’t work around the clock this time, I’ve got a new system. I’m a bit of a sucker for different rituals, and now whenever I decide to do a day’s work I put on my grandad’s watch which signifies I’m starting work. I take it off at the end of the work day. Later that night if a proposal comes in or anything, if I’m not wearing my watch, doesn’t matter. My grandad was a big hustler, a hardcore work guy. I channel his spirit during work times but then at the end of the day it’s like ‘alright grandad we’re done now.’  

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