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Meet Liam Scanlan.

I’m 23 now but I started a clothing company called Eat Your Water when I was 18. Originally I studied marine biology at Uni, but I hated it. On the first day of class I even called my mum and said “I hate this.” I went from there and started this business instead, but the marine biology did help with the inspiration. Plus I’ve always been interested in fashion and clothing. We make T-shirts, hats, socks and jumpers.

We used to work out of my home but we were running out of room so we bought an industrial space in Mayfield West for storing and packing. The majority of our stuff is made in Indonesia, and our manufacturer is a small business too. The really cool thing is he’s a young dude as well. His values align with ours and I recently went over there to hang out with him for a bit.

We’re also working to make our current business more sustainable. We’re partnered with a company called Corethics. We’re moving towards becoming a movement that’s going to replenish the earth rather than diminish it. I’ve always had a passion or the earth, so the tagline for Eat Your Water is Do the Right Thing. We raise awareness around shark culling and we partner with charities. This past year we worked with Lifeline and Salvation Army.

I ended up getting my bachelor of business in entrepreneurship. I’m interested in software and renewable energy. People ask me where I see myself in the future. I don’t know whether that will always be Eat Your Water, but I have learnt that a clothing company is relatively low cost and easy to get off the ground. I love the Newcastle entrepreneurial ecosystem. In Newcastle everyone knows each other and it doesn’t seem quite as competitive. In Sydney, it’s very hush hush. Here there’s the Diffuse Energy and the Camplify guys. They’re always willing to have a coffee. It’s more sharing, everyone knows each other. I’m definitely staying here. 

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