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221215 - Timeline - History of the Australian Startup Ecosystem

About The Series

In 'The History of the Australian Startup Ecosystem' podcast, join host Adam Spencer as he delves into the fascinating history of the Australian startup ecosystem. From the earliest tech companies to the success stories of today, this series covers it all.

Each episode will feature interviews with industry pioneers, entrepreneurs, and experts, as well as a deep dive into the events and cultural shifts that have shaped the Australian startup scene. From the dot-com boom to the rise of fintech, this podcast will provide a unique and informative look at the past, present, and future of the Australian startup ecosystem.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting out in the world of startups, this podcast is sure to provide valuable insights and inspiration. Tune in to 'The History of the Australian Startup Ecosystem' to learn more about the trailblazers who have paved the way for today's innovators.

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Recent Interviews

Steve Grace

Steve Grace

Steve Grace explores how covid has altered the ways companies do business Steve Grace is CEO and founder of The Nudge Group, which works with startups and scale-ups to support them through various stages of business growth. Based in Australia, The Nudge Group has...

Peter Tippett

Peter Tippett

Peter Tippett discusses the future evolution of company ownership and management Peter Tippett is a serial entrepreneur with decades of experience working in startups both in Australia and around the world. He is currently working on three ventures, all of which he...

John Allsopp

John Allsopp

John Allsopp discusses the startup ecosystem's evolution from a “community” to an “industry” John Allsopp is an author, web developer and conference organiser who’s been working in Australia’s startup ecosystem for nearly three decades. In 2006 he co-founded Web...

Ric Richardson

Ric Richardson

Ric Richardson discusses the contrasting skills required to invent and run a company Ric Richardson is an Australian inventor who first came to prominence as a result of his invention of Software Activation, a technique used in software anti-piracy. Ric founded the...

Lars Rasmussen

Lars Rasmussen

Lars Rasmussen discusses the key ingredients for successful founders Lars Rasmussen is a Danish computer scientist and tech angel investor with a long history of working within the startup ecosystem both within Australia and internationally, including as co-founder of...

Brad Parsons

Brad Parsons

Brad Parsons talks about the risk tolerances of different startup ecosystems Brad Parsons is CEO and founder of Movus, a company that provides monitoring tools for industrial equipment with the mission of preserving the earth’s resources by improving the efficiency...

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